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Statement of Financial Condition

March 31st, 2024 Balance Sheet


Net Loans$2,054,625,176.05



Total Earning Assets$2,446,491,211.97

Cash and Equivalents$11,398,522.30

Fixed Assets$9,452,121.88

Other Real Estate Owned$0

Other Assets$55,623,253.34

Total Assets$2,522,965,109.49

Liabilities and Capital

Demand Deposits$815,946,079.44

Money Market Deposit Accounts$496,934,494.73

Time Deposits$336,117,906.60

Total Deposits$1,648,998,480.77

Borrowings and Other Liabilities$691,805,975.51

Total Liabilities$2,340,804,456.28

Total Capital$182,160,653.21

Total Liabilities and Capital$2,522,965,109.49

March 31st, 2024 STATEMENT OF INCOME

Interest and Fees on Loans$28,134,581.89

Investment and Other Interest Income$3,942,890.93

Total Interest Income$32,077,472.82


Interest on Deposits($13,497,743.41)

Interest on Borrowings($6,797,409.75)

Total Interest Expense ($20,295,153.16)

Net Interest Income$11,782,319.66

Non Interest Income$684,939.62

Gain on Investments-

Non Interest Expense ($9,571,031.60)

Provision for Loan Losses($188,000.00)

Pre Tax Net Income$2,708,227.68



Tradition Bank has a network of clients that act as resources to each other. Together we build the strongest and most successful businesses and individuals.



Our shareholders are strategically selected to generate the most success for our clients.

Total Assets in Millions


















Total Deposits in Millions


















Pre Tax Net Income in Millions













'24 (Q1)